Monday, January 4, 2010

don't hate me because I'm organized (bwhahahaha)

Oh, how I struggle trying to be organized. I should have reserved a copy of One Year to an Organized Life for me but I would rather live vicariously. However, today I'm feeling pretty good because: I folded the multiple loads of clean clothes that had become a fixture on our couch and made tonight's dinner yesterday. That should count for something, right? Please? Pretty please?

Here's the winner of the book: B at The Nabors Baby. Lemme know where I should send it and I'll get right on it, I swear!

Bug is at preschool! Highlights for Bug: seeing two trash trucks, six (really, six) school buses, two police cars and saying hello to one police officer and two city workers on the walk to school. Quite a bit of action in those few blocks this morning. Highlight for me: I mentioned to Bug's teacher that I had his EpiPen and Benadryl and without missing a beat she recited Bug's allergies to me and went through the procedures if he has a reaction. Whew, that almost made me cry.

Now I'm patiently waiting for the mail to arrive. My order from amazon should be here today and I would love to start my new book True Confections now that the clothes are folded and dinner is made.


  1. Oh man - I have NOT figured out yet how to make dinner in advance. It would be life changing for me. Seriously. Hope your book comes today and you can enjoy being organized. It feels good!

  2. It's all going according to plan! I love it! Hoping the book arrives for you today.

  3. Oh! Let me know how you like it! It sounds good. And yay for being organized. We're trying to stick to our chores schedule too as I am working more hours. So far so good. Of course, we're only 1 day into it.

  4. Great schedule you have set up. I sure hope that book shows up today for you!

  5. OH preschool! Exciting times. Be sure to save every paper and project he brings home to you. Only during's too much once elementary school comes. (Your walk to school reminded me of a children's book...or maybe you could write one...hmmm)

    Crossing my fingers for the book! (It's in my cart)


  6. Oh, God the laundry! And with everyone home all last week, the piles are even higher!

    My goal for this year is to dig out of the rubble of out-grown/unnecessary/never used crap that is cluttering our already too small house.

    Good luck to both of us in our quests!

  7. Yay for teachers who know what the heck is up with kids allergies! That would be so scary!
    And, you made today's dinner yesterday? Big bonus points. Huge.

  8. Wow, that teacher was on the ball, thats awesome!! Definitely reassuring to you Im sure!