Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Bug,

Oh, I'm going to be sad when the day comes and you can pronounce "exclamation point" correctly. I love it when you point out letters in the words from Snuggle Puppy and complete a line by saying "excamation" Thank you for making reading time even better.


Dear Seasonal Allergies,

Oh, hello again--I noticed you arrived earlier this year. Ah-choo again...

the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, oh, it's another headache gal

Dear Jamaica,

I was thinking about you today and how we had such a nice time together a few years ago. I miss you. Signed,

Wish I could see you soon

Dear Blogger,

Again, what's up with the spacing?!?!??!?! It shouldn't be this difficult...why all the blank spaces?!?!?!


a frustrated Mag

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  1. Awww, Bug, it's so cute when little boys pronounce stuff wrong...keep doing it!!

  2. Yes, those damn spaces WTF!!! I hear you on Jamaica, would be so nice to be there now, all the sunshine is doing for me here is reminding me that Spring Cleaning is right around the corner. Would never have that feeling down south Lol!

  3. I loooove when they say things wrong! I love that my older one still wants to eat "hangabers" and my younger one wants "chepup" on her fries. :-)

  4. Oh, I miss when we used to read the brown bear (I don't remember which one) and my little guy called it a rabblesnake. Now it is just a stupid old rattlesnake

  5. I will definitely miss the way Isabella says so many things. It's so adorable!

    And that sounds like somewhere to help with those allergies ;)


  6. yucky allergies! our weather has been so wonky here lately that my allergies just done know what to do!!

  7. lol. It IS sad when they start pronouncing things correctly. LOVE the picture of Jamaica and TOTALLY identify with Blogger's and my disagreeing about spacing...

  8. Aw I liked those letters I love my lil boys mispronunciations or accentuations on certain words and I hear ya on the early arrival of the seasonal buggers

  9. My oldest son is 17, and I still pronounce many words the way he used to, way back when. It was so cute, and I miss those days!

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  11. That picture of Jamaica made me want to jump through my computer screen. I need a tropical vacation BAD. Real bad.

    I had the same spacing issue when I was on Blogger too. And sometimes it would even change my font! Drove me nuts!

    I am a new follower from Friday have a cute blog!

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    Enjoy your Friday.

  13. Yup....those spaces drive me nuts also! My daughter said "moh tood, mommy" when she was little. (more food) it was so cute!

    FYI...the spacing got better when I stopped using AOL.

    I'm now Following from Friday Follow!


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  15. I found you through follow friday. I am now following you.

  16. I love reading to my little boy! And it's so cute when they start trying to say the words. I feeling like I am always reading the same 2 books though! He loves repitition.

    Friday Follow!

  17. Hi, happy Follow Friday! I'm your newest follower!


  18. OH! I love Snuggle Puppy. And Jamaica! And for the record, I don't love my allergies. Boo.

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  20. Aw, my son says "scabetti" for spaghetti. Too cute!

    Have a great weekend! I'm a new follower.

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