Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Big shopping score while out with my mom this weekend: a pair of purple suede Mary Jane pumps for $8 (love the “take 80% off the sale price” out-of-season rack but I also wonder how come no one else bought these?) and a pair of funky leopard print shoes that were $150 off the regular price so I snagged them for $20!

Last night Bug and I were playing and he turned to tell Donnie something but bumped his head on the wall. He looked at me and said, “I’m not happy anymore.”

I hate that right now the only thing that connects me to my youth is the outbreak of pimples on my face. Really? Shouldn’t zits be in my rearview mirror by now? I mean, it’s not as though I’m getting ready for the school dance or freaked about an algebra test.

Oh, algebra = math that reminds me...I just read a book I loved: The Housekeeper and the Professor. It's charming even with some math tossed in.

So…I think Donnie and I are going to sneak away for an overnight. As I’ve mentioned a million times since Ash Wednesday, I gave up sweets for lent. Donnie also did, which I think is impressive because his sweet tooth is worse than mine and he’s Jewish. We’re thinking of going to Hershey PA the weekend after lent so we can indulge in chocolate—and quite possibly a chocolate massage. I checked availability this morning. The fancy Hershey Hotel is booked but I think there’s a room with our name on it at the Hershey Lodge. I don’t need fancy…just a night out with my fella. We’ve been once before and opted to order room service: one entrée and three desserts for us to share. Now we just need to beg ask our babysitter if she'll do an overnight.

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  1. YAY for your great steals! :)

  2. Great finds on the shoes! And I just turned 34 and still use Neutrogena's acne system. I thought by now I'd just have to use anti-aging stuff -- NOT BOTH! ;-)

  3. Score is right...on all counts! Pictures of shoes, please? The purple mary janes make me think of "Penelope".

    A chocolate massage!? Does you get to lick the chocolate off or does someone do that for you? ew, I know.

    Time to take a look at that book...:)

  4. I love random thoughts! Have fun at the chocolate palace ;)

  5. Yay for Hershey! I'm jealous!
    You had me at purple suede...
    Oh, and the book, I'll add it to our growing list of books to check out for the book club. Or I'll just read it myself! :)

  6. You should so sneak away for an overnight!

    Sounds wonderful.

  7. Hi dropping by from un-Mom. Congrats on the awesome shoe finds. Two things I love: a good deal it takes all of the guilt out of shopping, and shoes, just 'cuz, is there anything more wonderful than a great pair of shoes?

  8. Love the sweet deals, and go AWAY! NOW~ why are you still here??? Go!

  9. Ack! What shoe store are you shopping in?? Purple suede mjs? Jealous! :)

    I hope hope hope your sitter does your overnight, that sounds FABULOUS. Hubby and I need a get-a-way, but I'm afraid that's not happening any time soon...

  10. Hershey, Pa after lent sounds perfect!!!

  11. Bribe her with a ton of chocolate from Hershey's? I would do it! How yummy & relaxing & sugar coma-y it sounds! With the love of your life? AWESOME!

  12. Chocolate massage? That sounds like heaven.
    The purple shoes sound pretty close, too!