Monday, March 15, 2010

you know it's a Monday when...

The day starts before 5:30 because Bug wants to see his TV friends AND wants Mommy to sit with him.

Our pooch pooped in the kitchen (in her defense she was very close to the back door so it seems she had every intention of wanting to get outside and had she been taller with opposable thumbs she could have done it).

I gave in and let Bug have a chocolate chip cookie as part of his breakfast because he said, "Mommy, I don't want brefast, I wanna cookie you made" [insert sweet three-year-old's smile here].

It was an Olympic event just trying to get the little guy dressed this morning.

Our sitter called about the time she usually arrives saying the bus is late so can we pick her up at the bus stop.

The only pair of hose I could find have holes from my knees to my thighs so I'm wearing them. Luckily my skirt is long.

Donnie leaves for a trip tomorrow.

My thank you note for dinner at our friends' house has to include an apology for Bug throwing up after dinner. (Or as he says, "my mouth is gonna spill." I've caught on quick to that one.)

"Toot, toot, chug, chug, big red car" is on a continuous loop through my head.

It could be a lot worse but just the same I'm looking forward to Tuesday...


  1. As nasty as them throwing up is, "my mouth is gonna spill" is probably the cutest thing I've ever heard for that! Hope your Tuesday is worth the wait! :-)

  2. My daughter says, I'M EXPLODING, lol!
    Mondays, yikes.

  3. I don't blame him, I'd wanna cookie too.
    The throw ups are going around. I think it's funny he says his mouth is gonna spill! :)

  4. It's a monday here too.


  5. "My mouth is gonna spill" Awww. Poor little guy. :(

    That is indeed a Monday. A bad one. Whew! Hope tomorrow is MUCH better!

  6. I have never heard throw up sound so cute before. That is too funny!

  7. I wanna cookie you made too. *cute smile*

    It's the Mondayist of Mondays here. And you're 2 hours ahead of're practically to Tuesday.


  8. I think the thing that would have bugged me most is the hose with the hole in it :) Oh, and writing the note about the dinner spill (funny, Evie used to say the same thing!)

  9. So sorry--Mondays are always my crappiest of days...

    Hoping Tuesday is fabulous for you!

  10. "My mouth is gonna spill" - I'm sorry but that is really cute.

  11. My oldest threw up last choked up on phlegm while coughing...yummy