Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Last week I had a sick child and this week started off with a sick husband. We’re running out of humans in our house…and I’m not in the mood to get sick since I’m traveling on Thursday.

Apparently in addition to sweets I’ve also given up exercising for lent. Sigh…

The Olympics needed to end. By Sunday I was starting to tear up at the Tide commercials. And Bug was starting to hum along to "O Canada."

I have a fear of leaving a restroom with my skirt tucked in my tights. Last week I was thiiiiisssssss close to having it happen...at work...on my way to a meeting. I need to buy more pants.

My high school boyfriend was in my dream last night. He was dating a former co-worker of mine (not clear if he was divorced…but even he would probably tell you that’s not a big deal to him…sigh). Anyway, the three of us were in a restaurant (they were at one booth and I was at another). It was my birthday and THEY celebrated with THREE different desserts on a big platter that had a Happy Birthday message to me written in chocolate. They put two number candles (4 and 2) on the desserts but that's not my age. I fumed in the other booth wanting the desserts. (Did I mention I gave up sweets for lent?) Now that I think about it 42 was HIS high school basketball number--there are some things a girl can't forget. Don’t you love detailed dreams? Anyway, I waited until the coast was clear and I crawled from my booth to theirs and took the crème brulee from their table…hey, it was my birthday.

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  1. But tell me, were you at Dairy Queen?? LOL.
    Srsly, Bug, stop singing O'Canada...you could sing Blame Canada like South Park though, that's a funny one! :)

  2. ha ha ha. bug. he's such a dissident.

    i love your dreams. i never dream about anything that detailed and interesting.

    5 more days until the oscars. woot woot!

  3. Your little guy is hysterical! I was ready for the Olympics to be over before they even started.

    (FYI - pants aren't necessarily the answer... I left the restroom once with wet seat cover stuck to the back of my pants leg. I can only assume it happened when I went to flush the handle with my foot. ew.)

  4. That's right! You take that creme brulee!

  5. I had one sick kid last week and now the other one is sick this week....no fun. I swear if I get sick.....

  6. I had a sick husband return from travel for work, and he got better just in time to leave again -- all while *I* was sick, so he couldn't take care of me. I think he planned it. (Just kidding -- he was in horrible pain and he let me sleep a LOT this weekend, but I had to make a little joke.) ;-)

    We only watched curling. My 6-year-old is sad that there is no more curling to watch. I'm not sure how I feel about that...

  7. I had a dream last night that I was visiting the White House and got felt up by President Obama. And it was pretty good.


  8. I would have been pissy about the desserts too. No one stands in the way of me and my desserts....whether its my birthday or not.

    I totally second MiMi...."Blame Canada" is way funny.

  9. You should have taken all three desserts - stupid high school boyfriends.

    Happy random Tuesday.

  10. Creme Brulee... mmmmmmmmm.....

  11. Oh, I have done the skirt in the tights...U-g-l-y.

  12. It sounds to me like you need some sweets! Good for you though, my sister in law also gave up sweets for lent.