Friday, March 5, 2010

it's a small world

I traveled to South Dakota yesterday and it was a pretty good day. First good thing: I didn't sleep through my alarm and actually woke up at 3:30 to get ready for my trip. The rest of the day was gravy...and good gravy at that.

I boarded my plane and saw one of my brothers on the same flight. I had just cracked open a new book so I didn't pay attention to people who boarded prior to me. We parted ways after the first flight but it was fun to see him.

On my second flight the woman across the aisle told me I looked familiar to her. Again, I had my nose in my book at the gate area and other than noticing her terrific boots when she walked by I didn't really look at people who were on my flight. As soon as she said something and I saw her face she was familiar as well...we went to high school together.

Finished my book. What a treat...enough reading time to start and finish a book in the same day.

My mom is doing pretty well. She looks better than she's looked in a year! Much to my surprise the nurse even had her walking with a walker. I haven't seen that in a very long time. When I take her out she uses a wheelchair (and we still look a bit like Lucy and Ethel when we maneuver it).

Saw another high school friend when I took my mom for a manicure yesterday as well as the younger sister of a classmate.

My brother (who lives in South Dakota) works at a school. We all went to the high school basketball game last night (district finals--his team won!) and I saw one of my good friend's sisters.

Funny thing about all of these familiar faces...I'm not visiting the town where I grew up. If that were the case I would expect to bump into people I know because it's a small town but yesterday was filled with nice surprises.


  1. That's always fun to bump into someone you know (and like!). Glad to hear your mom is doing well.

  2. How sweet that you ran into your brother AND a friend from highschool!
    And still had time to finish a whole book! So either it was a short book or you are a FAST reader!
    Glad to hear your mom is doing well.... :)

  3. FUN! It sounds like you were in some kind of "people you know twilight zone." Never happens to me anymore dang it! I hate moving to new states!

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  5. I love small world moments. Glad you're having a good trip and that you've found some good book time too.

  6. this is wild.

    im so glad your mom is doing well.

  7. That is crazy! It really is a small world. I am glad your mom is doing well.

  8. Wow what a busy trip for seeing familiar faces! Glad your mom is doing so well!

  9. Have fun on your trip.

    Isn't it amazing to run into all the familiar faces?

  10. Oh my goodness. That sounds wonderful. The whole time I was thinking that must have been your home town. How odd to see all the familiar faces.

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  11. I am often amazed at how small the world really is...