Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Again with the size thing

The other night the three of us were on the couch before Bug went to bed. Bug was leaning on me watching TV and Donnie was next to us reading the paper. The conversation went like this:

Bug: I have a big cock (as his hand is resting on the front of his diaper).

Me: (slight pause while I picked my jaw up from the floor) What?

Bug: I have a big cock.

Me: Um, Donnie, are you listening to this?? Bug, tell Daddy what you just told me.

Bug: I have a big cock, Daddy. Yeah, I do (still with his hand strategically placed on the front of his diaper).

Donnie: ?????? What's the babysitter teaching him? heh heh

Me: Donnie, you want to handle this?

Somehow the conversation ended--or more likely--something very clever happened on Curious George and Bug stopped talking about his big cock.

A bit later Bug ran to the cable box and pointed to the display showing the time. See, Mommy, a big cock!

Mystery solved...


  1. Oh no!!!! A tiny piece of me saw it coming - my eldest loved to watch The Big Comfy Couch when she was wee and she would practice her clock rug stretch with a similar mispronunciation that made her dad and I cringe...

  2. That is always the most *fun* mistake, isn't it? My daughter's best one so far has been for the word "sit" -- she ADDS an *h,* can you guess where? ;)

  3. This is hilarious! I love the funny things kids say. Great blog -- thanks for stopping by mine!

  4. That's so funny! At least it was just you and not, say, a grandma in the room or something! That would be awkward.

  5. Hmmm, I tried to comment and it wouldn't let me. Sigh...here I go again.

    Tammy: Thanks for the warning on The Big Comfy Couch!

    Andrea: One of Bug's first words was s*h*it. It took me a couple of days to realize he was saying sit.

    Nicole: I was grateful the comment didn't happen when my in-laws were visiting!

  6. HAHA! My three year old has some speech issues (he doesn't say his S's very well among others...) He was very proud when I bought him some new, bigger, sneakers but he demanded new, bigger cocks!

    He also loves Fire Frucks - though the "r" is almost intelligible...

  7. hahahaha. so many things come to mind...but I will just continue hahahaha-ing. :)

  8. OMGosh. I was having so many visuals on that one. I knew it couldn't be what it sounded like!

  9. Whew! You had me sweating there for a minute! ;)

  10. You should hook your e-mail up with your blog, only if you want, maybe you have a stalker? ; )
    I loved your comment on the Book club blog!! We thought it would be cool if everyone could do the whole "be part of a club where you don't have to leave your house!" thing too!
    I agree with everything you said, by the way!
    Awesome comment!

  11. HAAA!! too funny!! my 2 yr old is obsessed with frogs, except it sounds like another f-word... the joys of parenthood!

  12. Dear God I propbably would have called child protective services!

  13. ha ha ha. I figured he was mispronouncing something!!!