Monday, July 13, 2009

Conquering my, maybe another time

My fretting was wasted.

My "you'll be fine with whatever happens" mantra was for nothing.

My book choice for the bottom of the mountain isn't needed.

My looking forward to a weekend of fun with my siblings is over.

After this banner was hung on Mt. Rushmore, all hikes/climbs on the mountain have been suspended indefinitely. We won't be going to South Dakota after all. If the hikes resume, I can worry from scratch.


  1. Oh no! Doggone rule breakers wrecking everyone's fun. :(

  2. Um - yay?

    Will you be taking an alternate vacation at least? I hope you will.

  3. how much did it cost you plant that? hee hee

    P.S. Bruce is on many UK mag covers ... does he have a new CD or something? xx

  4. I saw this right after you did your first post on it! Sucks that a couple idiots have to ruin it for the rest of the people. :(

  5. What was your book choice for the bottom?

    People are stupid. Except for you and your followers and peeps, and me. But the rest of em...

  6. Why is someone always ruining things for the whole class?

  7. I saw that on the news and immediately thought of you... That stinks.

  8. Wait, are you from SD? I grew up there and my whole family still lives there. We live in MN, but we are traveling there TODAY, to pick up our kids, who've been with my parents.