Monday, July 6, 2009

An award...for me?!

Thanks to J.J. for this:

Rules are that I have tell you ten things that are true, link back to the one who gave me the award and pass it along. Here goes...

1. When I was a little girl I played school and as the teacher dressed up in my fancy purple dress (don't all teachers were fancy purple dresses?). The students in my class were my mom's album covers.

2. I didn't think I could ever be a teacher for two reasons: None of my teachers had skinned knees and I ALWAYS had band-aids on my legs. And my name wasn't funky enough. I thought you had to have an uncommon name to be a teacher. My teachers' first names were: Deliah, Devita and Leatha.

3. We had a Carnegie Library in my hometown and as a little girl I thought the librarian's name was Mrs. Carnegie.

4. I did a cartwheel the other day in my backyard.

5. In junior high and high school I was on the gymnastics team. I usually competed on the floor and beam and sometimes on the bars. I was terrible at the vault but once had to fill in for someone during a meet. My footing was off as I ran to the springboard and instead of going over the vault I slammed into it chest first. OUCH.

6. In college I went on a ski trip. I went down the big, dangerous beginner's slope, took a nasty fall and tore my ACL. To make me feel better the surgeon told me it was a real jock injury. Sometimes I'm like a weathergirl and tell when it's going to rain by my limp. (Sexy, huh?)

7. I'm a bit of a klutz (see 2, 5 and 6 above).

8. When I was 21, I moved to NY to be a nanny and took care of three kids: 5, 2 1/2 and 10 months.

9. If a genie appeard and gave me three wishes right now, my first wish would be for an in-n-out burger. I woke up craving one and can't shake it. (Oh, my second wish might be for an in-n-out shake.)

10. I've had a handful of greeting cards published.

Thanks again, J.J. I'm passing the award to:

Bea at This Wonderful, Crazy Life

Tammie at Irregular Tammie


  1. What a great list! I used to pretend to be teacher too, I'd line up my stuffed animals...they couldn't argue, so you know, I was the best teacher evah!

  2. I'm a human barometer due to a previously broken bone, too.

    I was a real teacher. I'd rather teach album covers. Wait, that's not entirely true. I'd rather be SUPERVISED by album covers. That's a little closer to the truth. And I'd look great in the uniform (fancy purple dress, natch).

  3. oooh im so excited about this!!! thank you.

    oh, and totally intrigued by number 10.

  4. I wonder if I could still do a cartwheel. It's been YEARS...

  5. A cartwheel wow I think Id break a hip

  6. You should post about how the nanny gig went!!! Do you regret it??

  7. Ha! I love that your students were album covers! When I played teacher, I always wore TONS of make-up, even though my actual teachers didn't.

  8. wow awesome list!! i love the carnegie one!!