Thursday, July 9, 2009

Size doesn't matter

Bug: Mommy, you're big.

Me: Okay.

Bug: BIG Mommy.

Me: Big!

Bug: Mommy, BIG…here, r-i-i-i-ght here (lifts my shirt and pats my belly.)

--Donnie is trying his best not to laugh loudly as he walks by snickering--

Bug: And Daddy, you're not strong.


  1. LOL! Ha haa, you're not strong! Next time he'll think twice before snickering. : )

  2. HA! Eli tells me I'm "big and strong" which I take as a compliment. :)

  3. I love this. My son once told me I had "big thigh bones".

  4. At least my kids tell me that THEY made me big! :)

  5. Mommy: You're grounded, Bug. And don't even think about a cell phone.

  6. That's awesome!! Thanks for the LOL!

  7. Ah, kids. The things that comes out of their mouths. My oldest doesn't say I'm big, she says I am soft and fluffy- then pokes my muffin top. Gotta love them, riiiiight? At least they are equal with mom & dad- that's funny what he told his dad.

  8. When I was teaching, I had a wee one draw a picture of me. He presented it to me proudly. I looked like a person with a table under my skirt. He beamed as he said, "see? I made you big and fat and beautiful."

    "Big and fat?"

    He nodded enthusiastically. "And beautiful"

    "Um, thanks, sweetie..."

  9. Adorable.
    And funny.
    Maybe Bug needs glasses.
    I have seen both your belly and Donnie's biceps.

  10. ha ha ha
    well at least bug is an equal opportunity offender.

  11. My 3-year-old patted my breasts and said "Are you growing a baby in there?" I explained babies grow elsewhere and if I was, my stomach would be big. He said "Well, it's not too big but it sure is squishy."

  12. That's awesome.

    I'm with you on the heights thing although I'm getting to the point in life where I'd probably just skip it.