Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday, Monday

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Random stuff

I'm now reading The Girl She Used to Be by David Cristofano

But I'm not reading the Kindle edition--just noticed that's what the photo shows--I'm reading the library edition. I remember a review shortly after it came out that got my interest but the details are gone. I refuse to read the book jacket because I want everything that happens to be a surprise.

We were in the car with Bug for about an hour this weekend. I gave a nod to Donnie as Bug was chattering nonstop in the backseat and said, "this is what we can expect for 8-plus hours on our trip next week. Well, except for the times when he's crying" His response? "Ah, such an an optimist...I think it's going to be more like ten-PLUS hours." I hope the wine will be chilled on our arrival. Sigh...

At a kid-friendly restaurant this weekend with friends I was still too nervous to get anything off the menu for Bug. The whole cross-contamination thing has me jumpy. I've emailed a few chains to find out what's safe based on Bug's allergies and get limited information (if anything) in return.

This morning Bug was running into the TV room and spun around the doorway to a full stop when he saw me on the couch. He was stunned and announced, "BOYS ONLY on the couch!" Then told me I could sit on the floor. Welcome to Monday.

(I held my ground--so to speak--and stayed on the couch.)


  1. Let me know if I can help with restaurants at all....

  2. I also would have a hard time ordering off the menu. I would be very worried that they were going to screw me over. What do they care? Hard to even get a doctor to really ponder what is wrong with you!! Much less get food that does not get cross contamination.

  3. Yay for staying put on the couch! I do want to know how that book is when you finish it! :)

  4. HA! i would have sat on that couch all day just to prove a point.

    im childlike that way.

  5. Ugh. Ten hours in the car with children. Good luck with that. ;)

  6. I write down the names of books that look interesting in a little notebook. Later, I can't remember why in the heck I ever wanted to read them. Oh well. . . still a book, right?

  7. I rip out book reviews from People magazine, I just finished my last batch...Good Luck in the car, and restaurants!

  8. Good for you dont let those babies push you around!

  9. I love the boys only on the couch rule. Too funny.

    Good luck with allergies. That must be difficult.

  10. Yes, at some point out little one's think they are in charge, don't they?! ;0)

    I have gluten sensitivity, so I understand about the allergies ... a real pain sometimes.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for following me. I'm following you now as well!

  11. I get "Boys ONLY!" a lot at my house. And since I'm the only girl, even our dogs are male, they think it's FUNNY. I think not. :)