Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Someone

Dear Bug,

Nighttime is for sleeping. In. Your. Bed. When you come in at 2am, it's not morning yet (you don't have to be that chipper--although 1% of me finds it charming the other 99% of me that's still sleeping thinks it can wait).

Remember, morning is when the sun comes up. It's light out in the morning. Dark is for sleeping. Oh, how I wish after I re-tucked you into bed a little after 2, that I had fallen back to sleep...after all it was dark and dark is for sleeping.


Your bleary-eyed mommy

Dear Person Driving the Dry Cleaning Van,

When you ran the red light and nearly hit us as we were THE SECOND car to go through a green light, I decided to let your employer know about your driving and that you flipped me off. I couldn't get your license plate because, as you know, the front of your van was inches away from the driver's side door of our car.

I told your employer the location and he asked me to describe the driver. I did my best: dark hair and at least one finger on his right hand.


Someone who didn't get taken to the cleaners by your driving

Dear Mother Nature,

It's nearly October, could you stop with the 80-degrees-plus days?


One of your hot--and sadly I don't mean that in a good way--daughters

Dear Blogger,

What's up with the spacing? Makes me crazy...everything looks normal as I'm typing but when I post something there are about several blank lines in the post. Is it you or me?



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  1. Great letters! I'm so glad you called the dry cleaning company and told on that ruuuude driver!
    Yes! It's blogger! It has a problem with formatting or something! I HATE IT.
    Ummm...oh yeah, meant to say, SORRY 'bout my Dear Someone letters today, I didn't realize they all had something to do with GROSSNESS in general. And poop and stuff. And you read it while eating. Woops. : /

  2. So glad you turned that driver in!

  3. im glad you turned that driver in too! way to go.

    my youngest still climbs in my bed in the wee small hours of the morning. i hate it.

    do you edit HTML before you post? i have to do it everytime or i get weird spacing.

  4. I love the finger one lol. Have a great day.


  5. I would have called the company too! Crazy drivers!

  6. I bet that employer has been called before. Dark hair and a finger. That'll do it.

  7. I have been posting at night to be able to see if there are any strange extra space issues!! I do not want it to post overnight without seeing it!!

  8. LOL! Funny how you described the driver. Too bad you don't know if he got reprimanded (but karma will get him) and where is a cop when you need one? We also had kiddos up in the middle of the night for no reason and that never happens. Maybe it is the moon or planets or whatever?

  9. Omigosh--crazy dry cleaning driver. I'm always confused when people are all miffy and speedy in their work vehicles. I mean, you're getting paid either way, right? Enjoy the ride!

  10. I am so happy you called the employer. I am always VERY SURPRISED, by which I mean outraged and indignant to the point of tears and red-face and thinking-about-it-after-bedtime, when people commit a major traffic violation and then give MEEEEEEEEE the finger!

  11. OKay the spacing on blogger totally pisses me off. a post that could take 10 minutes to write ends up wasting 30 minutes of my time formatting. I hate HTML. LOL Your son waking you up at 2am, is exactly what my little kittens been doing for 3 weeks now. I feel like i have newborn. She licks my eyelids and sucks on my eyebrows and swats her soft little paws at my face until I wake up. Than she does it again at 6am. lol

    btw I'm your newest follower, and thanks for stopping by my blog on Friday, I'm delayed in visiting my commentors blogs as I don't really blog on weekends. I hope you come back soon, I have more Halloween goodies coming up this week!