Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WTF Wednesday

First of all a big thank you for all your comments, good wishes and hugs yesterday!

WTF...I think I had the grown-up version of that famous college dream where you arrive for finals and realize you didn't attend the class all semester (although I never actually had that dream). In my dream last night we were having a dinner party. Several people showed up...probably 20 and I realized some would have to eat in our basement/playroom and I had no dinner prepared (I'm not exactly the "I'll whip something up kind of gal" or MacGyver in the kitchen) and didn't have much food in the house AND only one bottle of wine (likely at that point I would have called dibs on the bottle). up with traffic today?? Grrrr. While Donnie and I were stuck in slooooow-moving traffic, I told him the following story--funny how things pop in your head. When I lived in NY, I used to leave for work at 6:30am. I jumped on the appropriately named F train in Brooklyn and even though there were people standing there was an empty seat so I took it. About a second after I sat down I knew why it was was next to an elderly homeless woman who was a bit smelly. I can still picture her VERY clearly all these years later.

She crossed her legs and accidentally kicked me and gave a loud, "Sorry, Honey" to me in a classic smoker's voice. I smiled that it was no problem then she lit a cigarette and most of the people on the train looked at ME as though I should tell her there's no smoking on the train. Yeah, right, not gonna be the one...

I decided I would move but didn't want to hurt the woman's feelings so my plan was to wait until the train stopped and I would jump on another car (that way so she would think I was simply getting off the train entirely). WAY too much thinking on this--it's NY--who cares what anyone does. I get off the train but because of the crowd waiting to get on I couldn't make it to the car ahead before the doors shut so I'm left standing on the platform.

Okay, fine, I'll wait at the Jay Street Borough Hall station. I'm sure why but for some reason I never liked that particular station. While I'm patiently waiting at probably 6:40am, an older man, who was as creepy as I thought the station was, came up next to me and whispered in a gravely voice, "Your train's coming" near my ear. UGH. I moved away and sat on a bench but he sat next to me to periodically tell me "Your train's coming."

Finally, another train did come and I could get to work. This train was less crowded with plenty of seats. I opted to sit next to a businessman knowing it would be a quiet ride and I could read. Soon after the train started moving, the businessman began talking to his hands in a very animated way. I don't remember ever being so happy to arrive at work.

WTF...When I asked Bug questions this morning he responded by roaring like a tiger. I don't speak tiger and definitely don't speak toddler tiger (I guess that would be cub).

Thanks to Sane Without Drugs for the vent session.


  1. Isnt public transportation wonderful? There is always someone creepy or crazy or smelly. Lol...toddler tiger.

  2. Okay, I rode the bus in LA once and I know why I live in a small town now. We are full of freaks, but I am just to immature to deal with it. I would have probably had a panic attack on the subway! I've never ridden the subway..or been in a town with a subway come to think of it. But it's on my list of things to do.

  3. That train story had me literally laughing out loud! I could vividly picture the whole thing!

  4. That is the weirdest sequence of events on one day in a train that could possibly happen.