Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time to relax now...

Okay, this isn't a big deal for most people but...are you ready...

I put a toy together for Bug! If you knew me and saw my previous handiwork you would be as impressed as I am. In fact, you might just stop reading and get a glass of wine to toast me and my efforts. (Go ahead, I'll wait...or better yet, I'll join you.) For me, assembling this is, well...remarkable is the word the comes to mind. Ah, I think I'll just put my feet up the rest of the day and stare at the art that I crafted. Ahem...

I decided I wanted to get a little kitchen set for Bug so he can play in the kitchen while I cook dinner. Donnie got a kick out of my logic...I think he would just like me to cook dinner whether or not Bug's in the kitchen with me.

This is the closest thing I could find online to what's currently in our house--but it's a bit fancier. Nonetheless, Bug's kitchen set looks like this only not stainless steel (hey, he's two, does he really need stainless steel appliances?) but check it out: TWO ovens (I'm envious), an indoor grill (sigh...), a sink that works (which reminds me I need to call a plumber). I did have extra screws when all was said and done (please tell me that happens to you, too). As I was putting on the finishing touches stickers, I remembered the Barbie house and cars that I had as a kid with the stickers that were never quite right. Probably a result of the toys being assembled by my dad on Christmas Eve after a few cocktails.

So far it's holding up quite nicely...but then again Bug hasn't touched it yet because I put it together while he was napping.


  1. I had something like that for my kids and they used it all the time.

    LOL to your last sentence!

  2. Love the kitchen. A popular toy in our house for sure! And yay o putting it together yourself! Toasting to you now.

  3. Cheers!

    Much impressed with your accomplishment.

    Oh! And I never had the plastic ones when I was a kid. My dad make all of mine out of wood. They were gorgeous. I hated them. I wanted the plastic ones with the slightly off stickers like everyone else had. I try to remember that when my kids reject handmade in favor of commercial...

  4. Good job! Our kids use the toy kitchen all the time.

  5. Awesome!! I swear, I have a hard time getting the things OUTTA THE BOX, let alone put together!

  6. I love your blog its gorgeous. I stumbled across it today. Come see me sometime. Have a great week.


  7. I so understand what you are talking about! If it wasn't 2 p.m., I'd toast you with a glass of wine. Maybe that's something to toast tonight!

  8. congrats on putting this together on your own. im impressed.
    last year i put together a Rose Petal Cottage by myself. i wasnt even going to attempt it but my girl kept nagging me so i gave in. it took me two beers to finish it, but i did it!

  9. What a great kitchen. Great job, I love it. Poping over from Reading with Girlfriends. I can't wait to joina and start reading the book for October!!