Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Bug LOVES his little kitchen and apparently Winnie-the-Pooh will attend the culinary school along with our little guy. He's been busy cooking breakfast for us every day--his signature dish is a hot dog served in a tea kettle.

What fun for Bug (and me) to find out that:

the pot on the burner makes a bubbling noise

the frying pan makes a sizzling noise

the tea kettle whistles

the oven has a timer

and the grill makes a noise that no actual grill should ever make.

Please note he's got both oven doors open--it's like he's taunting me--oh, how I wish I had a double oven. (Ignore the pacifier...)

And...Happy Birthday, Bruce!


  1. Ha! The Bruce photo caught me off guard.

  2. Yeah, Bruce caught me off guard too!
    What a cutie, that Bug is. Love it!
    My kids love to serve me waffles with peas.

  3. C-U-T-E!!!

    I thought of you while I was driving to work this morning and the radio was blasting Bruce in honor of his 60th (Holy S...!) birthday.

  4. I loved the "his signature dish is a hot dog served in a tea kettle"! You can tell... He's a man...

  5. Santa brought a kitchen a few years ago. We've barely used it - or all the play food that goes with it. The huz wants to toss it. I keep saying "No! They may still be interested!" I'm lying to both of us.

  6. You are so lucky that they make "masculine" toy kitchens now. When my guys were little they were all pink and purple. Took the toy companies a while to catch on the the whole Iron Chef thing. And baby you were born to run (or cook)

  7. That sounds like an awesome toy kitchen. My little man would love it too.

  8. Oh he is adorable playing in the kitchen. You know Toys r us has some great play food for those kitchens and they are big peices so that the children dont' choke on them, if he ever decides to start becoming a cheif :0)
    Have a great day, I love your blog.


  9. So sweet...dang you bring back so many memories to me. I don't know who was more excited for her toy kitchen, me or my daughter? (Some 20 years ago!) Don't hate me cuz I'm old. There are so many other reasons to. :)

    And thanks for reminding me of Bruce's b-day.

  10. I've been trying to entice Charlie into the world of cooking but so far he only seems interested in the world of eating. Le Sigh.

  11. im jealous of bugs tea kettle...mine doesnt whistle! (damn martha stewart!)

    my daughters signature dish is a cheese wedge served in a tea cup. what do children have against plates?

  12. Kid-size kitchens are the BEST - mine have so much fun with ours! I like the double-oven taunt :) Our little kitchen only has one, so they can't lord it over me!

  13. Don't ya just love it when you can finish a job you thought you couldn't do?

    Great pic! Enjoy your plastic dinners!