Friday, September 4, 2009

Mama needs a new pair of shoes...

Okay, needs might be a tad strong but wants is spot on. Maybe it's because I miss the back-to-school shopping...time will come when Bug will need back-to-school stuff but that's not here yet so I can be a little selfish--right? Right? Please?

So I'm thinking a new pair of shoes will be just dandy. When I return to work after the holiday weekend our office returns to business attire. Side Note: I hope I fit into my work clothes (damn those heavenly Nuggets that somehow ALWAYS end up in my shopping cart). I haven't tried on a thing that didn't qualify as casual since before Memorial Day. are another story. They're certainly not as fickle as those nasty skirts or suits with zippers and buttons that need to secure around my ever-increasing waistline (see Nugget reference above and tell me where to get some willpower) so I think shoe shopping is in my near future.

I'm thinking more fun than functional...something that can kick start a work outfit and make me think Mondays aren't nearly as bad while wearing good shoes. I did see a pair of shoes that made me drool a little but they were $139 so they won't be calling my closet home or tickling my toes. I want fun--not crazy. I can't remember where I saw them probably for the best or I would stalk them and that's pathetic even for me or I would share them with you but then you might want them too and if you're like me and am an "I won't/can't spend $139 for a pair of shoes" kind of gal then it's better if you don't see them. (See, I'm always thinking of you...)

For me it's all about the shoes...

I learned long ago to always wear good shoes to job interviews, meetings that make my stomach twist, parties where I don't know many people and anytime that I need a little boost. Looking at my feet and thinking, "damn, those are good shoes" will always give me a shot of confidence.

Years ago when I was in a job I hated, I told my friends when I wore my blue pumps (they were gorgeous...the leather, the heel, the POWER) they would know I was giving notice. So they became my "I quit my job shoes." I had another pair at the same time--green suede (I can't do them justice with words so I won't try) but they became my "beautiful shoes."

While I don't typically name my shoes, if I find a great pair this fall, they may just become my back-to-school shoes. Now if I can just find my DSW coupon (damn, why did I clean the house? Last week I knew exactly where it was).


  1. I get ya, I know exactly what you're sayin'. Shoes and purses. Doesn't matter how fat I get, shoes and purses are my pals. : )
    Go buy something FABULOUS! I could never spend 139 on a pair of shoes. Or a purse. Have to spend less so I can have MORE!

  2. The only cure is overcoming any consideration of price. Shoes need to your first priority. I cannot stress this enough. Food is overrated. Except for them nuggets.

    btw... thank you again so much for the book.

  3. Great shoes! Return them for free (as many times as you want) until you find what you need! I am all about it.

  4. CG: of course they're Mary Janes...and they're FABULOUS! I think I saw them on amazon, crazy, huh? No such luck finding them cheaper on Zappos...or anywhere else.

  5. I think we need to see a link or a photo of these yummies!

  6. New shoes are always fun and they certainly do add something to an outfit!