Monday, September 7, 2009

a party, the zoo and labor day

We attended a birthday party yesterday for one of Bug's friends. Bug's still young enough that he's only been to a couple of parties for his pals. The party was fun and Bug had a great time in the moonbounce, loved the Spiderman pinata (thanks K for having more toys/crafts than candy as the loot) but was a bit too shy to play 'tape the spiderweb on Spiderman.'

Like previous parties I packed food that I knew would be safe for Bug to eat. He typically can't eat cake (egg allergy) and we have to check packaging for the ingredients as well in case the facility uses eggs and/or nuts. A big hug and thank you to K who saved the mac & cheese box for me so I could check the label before dinner was served! Really, so considerate. She knows Bug can have Kraft m&c but she had a different brand and wanted to be safe. It's always so nice when we're out and Bug can eat the same food as other kids.

Added fun: three kids at the party were all adopted through the same agency so we snapped a photo of them. We're convinced the agency should use it as a poster...big smiles on all their faces (including the parents--off camera, of course).

We visited zoo today. At first it seemed most of the animals were traveling for the long holiday weekend. The most lively animals of the day--the prairie dogs. Finally, we saw a lazy lion (I was hoping he would let out a loud roar but no such luck), a sleeping tiger, a swimming elephant (that was pretty cute), a shy hippo and a panda eating his (her?) lunch. When the elephant walked out of his little pool, Bug was concerned that the elephant didn't have a towel. I'm sure he was eager to see how big that towel would be.

With one of my brothers--I have three older brothers--my mom was in labor for 36 hours and he was born on Labor Day. Seems fitting. We've all said it was the only time he ever gave my mom any trouble. (Brag time: When she was pregnant with me, Mom's friend called at 9pm to say, "are you going to have that baby girl on my birthday?" My mom said no but then to her surprise I was born at 10:30pm that night. I've always thought for that alone I'm her favorite...)


  1. What a great friend to save the package for you!

  2. Wow, you MUST be the favorite! :)
    I never really got how bad food allergies were until I started reading up and holy mackerel, SO many things to watch out for! I hope he got to eat the mac and cheese! :)

  3. I never fail to visit the zoo at the time of day when the animals are sleeping. Maybe they wake up when the zoo closes.

  4. oh I love pandas!
    and I bought a cuddly panda bag that I can hardly put it down!
    Flor (