Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WTF Wednesday

WTF is up with my dreams...

Last week I had a dream that I was in college and opted to take an acting class. Robert DeNiro was in my class. I was really annoyed that I would be graded against his talents and knew he would throw off any kind of curve there might be. Plus, he admitted he took the class for an easy A. And I showed up for class carrying a bag of dog poop. Ugh...
Last night I had a dream that Springsteen was my neighbor!! He and Patti (and kids) lived two doors away from me. I find this dream/real life connection interesting. They (the Springsteens) were living in the house where a real-life-Bruce and his family live (except that neighbor Bruce could be Stephen Colbert's twin). Both wives have red hair and both families have three kids.

Anyway, I went over to the house. Patti and I were chatting but I couldn't see Bruce anywhere (and I was looking but trying not to be TOO obvious). We were going to one of Springsteen's kids baseball games. I knew Bruce was home because I heard him call the kids to get in the car but the next image was the Springsteen minivan driving away but no glimpse of Bruce. Sigh.

Patti and I drove together and we stopped off for lunch first. On the drive she gave me gifts that were Bruce related...a Tiger puppet with a Bruce Born in the USA scarf (WTF?) and a poster from some magazine on a clipboard. After lunch Patti forgot her wallet so I paid but she 'approved' my credit card by slipping the waitress a note that she was Bruce's wife. Then for some reason she gave me her wallet so I had her ID.

While we were leaving I saw a headline in the Washington Post that said, "Bruce Springsteen in a coma since yesterday." I was nervous to point it out her but wondered if that's why I hadn't seen him at the house. Then I woke up to Bug's complaint that his cars fell out of his bed and he was wet. If I'm going to have a dream about Springsteen, is it too much to ask to actually SEE him?

Oh, and I had a dream our road construction was done...

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  1. Don't you hate how dreams seem to NEVER make sense?? I hate that! :)

  2. Crazy dreams!
    And brining dog poop to class! Too funny!

  3. My dreams seldom make sense either, but at least they provide my husband with a good laugh most mornings!

    Now if I could just figure out a way to dream about MY celebrity crush...

    Have you heard anything regarding when the construction is supposed to be complete?

  4. I wish I was dreaming about my celebrity crush...even though you didn't get to see him (and you should!)! Dreams are so crazy.

  5. I love your dreams!!! I want fun dreams too. The only dreams that I remember are mild "horror" kinda work related dreams that have my evil vice principal in them.

    Maybe.... you could get that hot soccer dude Beckham? in your dream. This would rock if you could control the hot men in your dreams.

    Any... thank you for playing too!!! I heart you!!!

  6. LOL. Love the title of this post. Wow. Next week you might have a dream that you're running with me! :)

  7. I had some weird dreams last night too...except now I dont remember them. just remember waking up

  8. I like your dreams! I had a dream I was bowling (I dont bowl) and a person in a chicken suit walked up the alley towards me and took off the chicken head. It was Mick Jagger. In a chicken suit. At the bowling alley.

  9. I just laughed my butt off reading that entire post. I think I will go read it again. ;D

  10. i wish i had dreams like this!!

  11. Don't analyze those. It's for the best. ;)

  12. i had a really nice dream last night about my celeb crush.
    im thinking you are some sort of dream good luck charm.