Friday, September 25, 2009

I've got a date

Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration but BRUCE and I will be in the same arena room for a few hours on November 2nd when he sings to me and a few other thousand folks who paid for tickets.

And he's singing the Born to Run album in its entirety so I get to hear Thunder Road! It's one of my favorite songs. I have a soft spot for his songs with Mary in them (remember, my in trouble real name is Mary Ann).

Years ago I had a dream that I asked Bruce if there was a song with Mary in it on his new album and he answered yes. The new CD came out a few days later and sure enough there was a song with Mary. It's an undeniable connection, don't you think?


  1. I am SO 'CITED for you!!!! This made me smile so much. You two have an undeniable connection.


    Told ya I am smiling.

  2. So glad you got tickets Mag!

    I claim full responsibility for your luckiness; undeniable connection-smnection. It was TOTALLY because of the email I sent you last night! ;-)

  3. Ok, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has it's Springstein exhibit right now, and the lyrics to Thunder Road are printed along the winding staircase you take to get to it. I sang every word, trembling a little as I did so and mortifying both of my children.

    He mentioned my hometown on The River.

    And Mary - I know you'll take this the right way - you ain't a beauty, but hey you're all right - and that's all right, tonight...

    Oh Lordy how I loves me some Bruce.

  4. of course its a connection.

    enjoy your date. have you picked out an outfit yet?

  5. Amazing - the pull you have with him! LOL! Have a great time!

  6. MamaFace: I'm smiling today, too! I actually went to work this morning (my day off) because that computer is faster than mine at home. Not to worry I'm home now!

    Natasha: I do think you brought me good luck. I didn't even mention last night I had a dream that Ticketmaster changed my account information and I couldn't purchase tix. I was so happy to wake up.

    Tammy: Of course that's my FAVORITE line! I'm really hoping to get to the Rock Hall to see the Bruce exhibit. I've been before but think I NEED to be there to see this one.

    Tammie: I had to get rid of my "Bruce Boots" from years ago (boots I thought--well, KNEW he would like). But, luckily, I found another Bruce-worthy pair...they'll make their debut soon!

    McVal: See, you agree...there's a connection!

    He gives good concert!

    I'd say that you definitely have an ethereal connection.

  8. How fun! Nothing beats seeing your favorite artist (or possible soulmate??) in concert!

  9. DEFINITELY a connection. I can't tell you the last time I went to a concert - enjoy!

  10. Never been to see Bruce, but it would be a great thing, I think. Have fun for me too while you're there! (And I love the Mary song too because my name is Mary Jane.)

  11. I am a BIG fan..our son even knows multiple Springsteen songs..and he is 2!

    I hope your date is heavenly.

  12. OMG! You are TOTALLY psychically linked to Bruce!!

  13. Awesome!

    Blow him a kiss from me.