Monday, November 9, 2009


A big thank you to Deb at Menopausal New Mom and Mama-Face at Blog Ignoramus for giving me awards. (Can you see me blushing?) I’m forwarding all of these to:

MiMi at Living in France
Katy at Bird on the Street
Mrs. Montoya at One Foot in Front of the Other
Tammie at Irregular Tammie
Rose at Desert Rose Moments
Bea at This Wonderful, Crazy Life

As far as I can tell only one of the awards comes with rules. The Honest Scrap award says I have to share ten honest things about myself. Here goes:

1. I’m somewhat shy and quiet until I’m comfortable in the environment and then people probably wish I were shy and quiet again.

2. I despise public speaking. Several years ago I had to describe my job to a staff of 100 people. I took my contacts out so I couldn’t see far and made my friends sit in the front row while I spoke panicked for ten minutes.

3. I had a crush on Donnie for about a year before he noticed me.

4. My first conversation with Donnie was a bit of an argument about copyright law. (A friend who knew about my crush passed by my office and said “you were bitching but you were blushing.”)

5. We got married at the Audubon Society and the officiant was a woman from the Ethical Society. Donnie’s Jewish and I’m Catholic and it just seemed the easiest way to go.

6. I never wanted to get married until I met Donnie.

7. I was proposed to when I was 23 but said, “no thank you.” It was awkward.

8. I love (LOVE) Christmas—no matter where I spend it or what I do. I love that people seem friendlier at that time of year.

9. I took fencing classes about five years ago. I wasn’t particularly good but had a blast. (Side note: the class was for adults--13 years old and above (really, 13 is an adult?). There was a nine-year-old who started in the adult class and his first question was: “When will we learn to fly through the air with swords?”)

10. I’m a procrastinator. Case in point: I was going to post about the awards on Friday…


  1. Thank you! I agree about Christmas! Unless you work in retail, then it's HELL. And the 13 year old adult? Yeah. Not so much.

  2. Congratulations on all your awards! BTW, I didn't want to get married either, waited until I was 44! Public Speaking? Not gonna do it! My days of giving presentations at work are behind me, Thank God (bet my old co-workers are glad too!)!

  3. Thank you for the award! And I am the biggest procrastinator too. I think getting married at the Audubon Society sounds beautiful.

  4. Congratulations on your awards!
    You know, the best thing about these awards is that I now have all these other blogs to go check out!
    Thanks for the leads!
    And once again, congrats! Well deserved.

  5. Congrats on all the awards!

  6. So exciting to get to know you better! And congrats on receiving the awards I gave you!!!


  7. thank you!

    i love these random/true things posts. so fun. i needed something to blog about.

  8. Thanks soooo much for the award! You have me cracking up on today's post!! Specifically #'s 1&2..I can completely relate! OMG that is hilarious that you took out your contacts! I myself fear public speaking what do I do to try and cure it?..I get voted in to be on a fire board where I have to do public speaking..three years later I'm not as nervous, ya know, like I don't feel like I'm gonna pass out anymore, but still nerve wracking though! Gives me the chills just thinkin' about it! By the way, I received the book in the mail today..sounds like a great read..thanks again!!!

  9. I love your no thank you response to a proposal!

    Congratulations on your awards!

  10. Now I would take fencing if it made me fly through the air with a sword :) Congratulations on the awards! And kudos to you for posting about them, I never can manage to get around to it (shamefaced).