Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Three years ago today Donnie and I were on our way to work talking about the paperwork we needed to complete for year three of the adoption waiting list. I was having a hard time with the rejection waiting and needed to figure out how to handle the upcoming year differently.

That afternoon at work I got THE CALL from the agency that a birth mother had selected us! The call is both clear and fuzzy in my memory. The agency woman told me the birth mother was going to be induced in two weeks and it was a boy. I remember thinking...that's so silly...she's a girl...birth mothers are always female. Thank goodness I kept my mouth shut because I quickly realized she meant the baby is a boy not the birth mother (kinds of tells you how shocked I was to receive the call, doesn't it?). I remember stamping my feet in excitement and trying to be quiet (only a couple of people at work knew we were hoping to adopt) while I heard the news. I also remember turning to look out my window thinking that Donnie would be there. This, of course, is stupid in hindsight for a variety of reasons. For one, I work on the 8th floor and so far Donnie has never done a fly by at my office. The next two weeks are a blur as we tried to purchase baby things but at the same time still keeping the news fairly quiet in case the birth parents changed their minds.

Bruce was last night. The concert was great! Lots of my favorite songs were sung (by Bruce and everyone else and in the audience). I have the ticket to prove I was there but like most of my Bruce concerts I'll forget where I put it. After all, Bruce and I don't need a piece of paper to show our commitment.

It took Bug a bit to understand Halloween. Prior to going out trick-or-treating, some friends gave him candy for his Thomas the Train candy container/Halloween bag. At the first house, Bug gave the greeters a piece of candy. The people at the door practically had to beg him to take something from the bowl. He caught on quickly though and after saying "trick-or-treat," he started announcing, "I like chocolate" at each house. He also asked repeatedly to go to Bruce's house to trick-or-treat.

Why is it on the day I have a dentist appointment I want chocolate for breakfast?

I've been in a reading slump but I think I'm now ready to dive back in with Everything Must Go by Elizabeth Flock, the new Read With Girlfriends pick.

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  1. Awww what a great phone all that must have been! And what a blessing!

  2. That is so cute about Bug learning to trick or treat!

    Glad the concert was a good time!!!

  3. glad you and bruce had fun.

    love the story about "the call."

    btw: my word verification is "surebeer."
    i think they know me.

  4. That is one phone I would've never wanted to miss out on, thank the Lord it went through to you. What a wonderful anniversary of the birth.

    Have a great day.


  5. I worked with a husband and wife who were adopting from China (the wife and I were close friends). I remember the husband racing to find the wife somewhere in our office when their call came.

    The entire company nearly shut down for a half hour while they were on the phone then erupted with the news that their daughter had been matched! It'll be four years ago next month.

    I love your story. Especially that moment of total brain dead-ness.

  6. What a great story about the phone call. I could almost feel the excitement just reading along! Happy to hear that Halloween was a hit. My 3 1/2 year old had a ball running to the door to look at all the costumes. Wasn't scared at all which surprised me.

    BTW, I have a couple of awards at my place for you, Congratulations!

  7. That must be one heck of a call! I can't even imagine and there is no way I could have kept the news quiet.

  8. This is a great post about learning about Bug! And the little guy announcing, I like chocolate. So cute.

  9. What a wonderful post. Thinking the birth mother was 'a boy'...ha. That's how my brain works. I just wanna hug your little Bug-giving the candy away. oh my. Give him a hug from the crazy blog woman, k? Thank you so much for sharing your adoption story. :)

    Clear and fuzzy thinking is my life.

  10. Awwww.......I love your "hearing you were picked" story. Really! It made my day!

    Happy RTT!

  11. I loved it when my boys were little and they didn't quite "get" trick or treating, unfortunately it doesn't last long. This year they went out armed with king-sized pillow cases.

  12. Big moments do silly things to our brains. It happens to all of us.

    Charlie does not care of Halloween. He cares for his family coming over and watching him "dance," but not for hordes of shouting children.

  13. My 3 yo enjoyed trick or treating - for a little bit - then she wanted to go home. I think she had more fun passing out the candy than going door to door :) The 2 yo was pretty much just along for the ride...

    Love your 'call' story!

  14. "I like chocolate." That's cute. Me too ;)

  15. Hey girlie, it's me again.

    I have 3 awards for you. I know i've awarded you to death...but I can't stop myself. You are just so awardable. :)