Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a benefit, winners and a little bug

Ah, the benefit is over and it was a fun night! The one downside (although not really a downside)...the theatre lobby was on the small side, which meant it was packed because we sold more tickets than expected (see--all in all a good problem). The performer was terrific! She was adopted through our local agency but grew up in London. She started off in her fabulous British accent announcing that she's American and followed that by saying she's a redneck. She shared her story through words and songs. I laughed (a lot), I cried (often) and I had a great time. I even won a silent auction item (the place was crowded but I fought my way through to outbid others). The night ended with a champagne reception that was bubbly and wonderful!

Bonus: I'm referred to as a young mother at the adoption agency. I'm far from young but I'll do just about anything for them if they keep saying that...

The warm fuzzies continued through the night...Bug woke up around 4am and we heard him leave his room and patter through the hallway to our bedroom. He stood in the doorway, opened the door a little, shut it again and went back to his room to sleep until nearly 8am. Bravo, little man, bravo!

I loved your comments both about height (mine and yours) and babysitters. Katy of Bird on the Street and I have the same problem both think we're the same height as everyone else. When I first started dating Donnie, I asked a friend to see if he was taller than me. When she met him, she got a good laugh...Donnie is 6' so I guess there's a bit of difference. Also, I need to hire some of your babysitters. Last night's outing was nearly $70 in babysitting!

Okay, onto the winners...

I wish I had one of those bubble things used for picking lottery numbers but I used the random number generator site instead. The two winners are: #30 Jen of For Immediate Release Reviews Kids (check out her book reviews of recently released children's books...there are some great holiday gift ideas for little readers!). The second winner is #18: Mama-Face of Blog Ignoramus (you know and love her already). Go visit them both and say hi from me.


  1. it sounds like you had an awesome night! and man, can you teach my kids to do that?! i was up ALL night with mine...i'm lagging today!

  2. Glad that your benefit was a smashing success and you sold more tickets than expected! That's always a good thing no matter how crowded!

  3. Sounds like an awesome time!!! I love British accents. :)
    Congrats to the winners! Mama-face, you're on a roll!

  4. What a great night, and for Little Man too!

  5. I think the night out was worth $70, but I'm a little high on night's out right now :) I say if you can find a $3 babysitter you probably don't wanna know what they're doing while you're gone. Ya know?!?!?! SO glad you had a great time.

  6. Congrats on a great benefit! So glad you had a blast. And congrats to the winners too.

  7. What a wonderful night!! Your lucky star was definitely shining. You are so cosmopolitan.

    And YAY for little bug...

    And Yay for me winning the book. I can't wait. Thanks random generator! (and you) :)