Monday, November 16, 2009

a little help from little friends

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So yesterday Donnie, Bug and I went to the (new-ish) Air & Space Museum near Dulles Airport. We thought it would be fun for Bug to see all the hairplanes (© Bug) and the interactive stuff. (We quickly learned there's only ONE interactive thing at the museum so we were able to get a photo of Bug in a Cessna--although the real photo might have been Donnie trying to get out of the little plane!) Nonetheless, we had a good time and had a little picnic when we were done at the museum.

We were all sitting on a bench outside the windows of the gift shop and McDonald's. A group of little kids were waving to us from inside McDonald's. We smiled and waved back. One girl was pointing to my jeans. I immediately thought that my shirt wasn't reaching my jeans in the back and they saw skin or (gasp!) underwear. I reached around but my shirt was okay so I went back to my sandwich.

They knocked on the window and pointed again to my lower back with a more frantic motion. I thought they were playing so I smiled then turned back to my sandwich. More knocking with more kids motioning to me (seriously, they seemed to be multiplying--it couldn't be a school trip it was a Sunday--and why can't I finish my sandwich!)...this time the leader was holding her fingers about two inches apart, holding her nose and pointing to my back with a little urgency. I chuckled to Donnie and said, "I can't figure it out but there's no way there's a two-inch gap between my jeans and shirt and I'm not going to try to figure out the plugged nose sign." Now Donnie looked at my back and said, "oh, it's not your pants there's a big bug on your back." He shooed a HUGE bug away and the kids gave a cheer through the glass.

Thanks, friends...


  1. OMG, I would have screamed and thrown my lunch!! Ewwwww! How long do you think that thing was crawling on you??!! For kids to see it through the window it must have been some size (not your butt, the bug Lol!)

  2. AH!H! That would've freaked me out! How funny! You'd think someone would come to the door if they were that concerned! But they were kids...

  3. EEEKKK!! At least they tried to let ya know!

  4. I would've screamed. Bugs freak me out. Not your Bug of course, which by the way, I wanna see pictures of him in the plane! :)

  5. I live in Alexandria VA (must be near-ish to you) and I've been to the Dulles Air and Space museum too!

    That's awesome that the kids helped you out.

  6. Thank goodness they were persistent! Eeek!

  7. I would have shrieked and then passed out. YAY for nice little schoolchildren who know bugs should stay away from you!

  8. Love that you copyrighted Bug's word. :)

    Was it a stink bug? What was with the plugging of the noses? Maybe that just goes over my head...anyway the BUG! your bug? :) Too bad no one caught that on video, that you know of.

    Wow, how random can a comment be?