Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Someone

Dear Anyone,

It's a dreary day here and I would rather be doing this:

The Lady

Dear Mom,

I wish I could make things easier for you. I know it's difficult. Even when the physical pain is gone, the emotional pain is always there. It breaks my heart when we talk and you know you're confused and forgetting things. It's not the little things. We all do that (I've been looking for my black bra for three days...and I know I wore it home from work last week!). It's that you forget that Dad is no longer alive and you miss him so much.

There are times when I'll remind you that Dad died twelve years ago and that's why he hasn't been by to visit but other times I know you don't want to can't hear the truth at that moment and that's fine with me so we just talk. What's equally amazing is that you've never forgotten about Bug. Just a few months ago you were mad because you thought I got married without telling you (like that would ever happen!) but you still asked about Bug.

You're in my thoughts all the time and I'll see you very soon.

Mary Ann

Dear Thanksgiving,

I hear that you're two weeks away.

The one who forgets dates on the calendar are closer than they appear

Dear Bug,
You were a star at the allergist's office this week! All our practicing paid off and when the doctor asked to listen to your heart, you lifted your shirt without missing a beat (oh, bad pun, sorry). I know Dr. S was as surprised as I was when you decided to lift my shirt as well.

PS. We have to go back tomorrow so you can get the second half of your flu shot. Be brave, little guy.

Dear Brother #3,

I can't wait to give you your Christmas gift. You're the one who made me a Bruce fan. As a junior high student I always heard you playing his albums and then all of a sudden I was singing along and playing them myself.

You don't know I have a blog so I can comfortably say this...I have a signed Clarence Clemons book for you. Yeah, I doubt you'll read it but isn't it cool...the Big Man signed his book and it's yours or will be in about six weeks. (Good grief, Christmas is right on the heels of Thanksgiving--I better get moving).

Leave it to me to find books for sale at a Springsteen concert.

Your favorite and only sister

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  1. The letter to your mom is gut wrenching. So tough to see that Im sure.

    Thanks for joining in!

  2. I'm sorry about your mom. My MIL lives with us and little things are starting to slip now with her memory. Not good when you've got a lapband to lose weight and you're forgetting to eat. Or don't remember what, when or if you ate breakfast. Or forgetting to take meds.. Or forgetting that you've told that story so many times... Or forgetting that I've stressed not to buy us groceries or "stuff"....
    That gift for your brother is perfect! I'm sure he'll love it!

  3. That just breaks my heart about your mom.((hugs))

    I can't believe Thanksgiving is so soon either. I'm terrified!

    I hope the flu shot goes well, part 2.

  4. I'm sorry about your mom. My mom has parkinsons. Her mind is still good (she's in her late 50's), but it's painful to watch her body slowly quit working.

    I love the rest of your letters.

  5. So sorry to hear about your mom! :( She's lucky to have you for a daughter!

  6. I am truly sorry to hear the news regarding your mom. You are truly a wonderful and giving person. I will pray for strength to guide you through the tough times.


  7. im sorry about your mom. i dont know what else to say other than im sorry.

    i cant believe thanksgiving is only two weeks away. where did the time go?!?!

    (oh, and in case you missed it, my Awards post is up. :)

  8. my goodness. There's a lot going on here. Love the picture of the doggie. hugs for your mom.

  9. Oh, I just love you so much.

    My heart goes out to you and your mother. Aging does terrible and unfair things. She's blessed to have you there to listen.

    The book for your brother is so cool. Did you walk right up to The Man and have him sign it? Did I miss this story somehow?

    Good luck on finding the bra!

  10. made me crack up and feel completely saddened all in one post. The allergist office visit is just hilarious! And as for your mom, absolutely heartbreaking.

  11. So heartbreaking about your mom, it must be so difficult. How you could stir up so many emotions in just one post, smiling one minute, feeling sad the next. Well done!

  12. Oh me.
    Your letter to your mom just pulled at my heart. Do you know about my father? I know your struggle and your pain. I am so sorry.

  13. Shoot - I was going to say something obnoxious about Clara and your missing bra, but can't do it after reading about your Mom. I know she knows you love her and she is lucky to have you. That's such a sweet letter.

  14. Your brother is one lucky dude.

    And your mom is one lucky lady. Your compassion is evident...

  15. Hi there, hope you don't mind a comment from a newbie. Your letter to your Mom hit me right in the heart today. Wishing you strength and peace...

  16. Your letter to your mom breaks my heart... :( Your gift to your brother is AWESOME. I love you, I hope you have a good Friday and a great weekend!

  17. I hate it about your mom.

    My grandmother also had problems with remembering/reality.

    She would remember my mom (her daughter), yet not remember the fact that her parents had been gone for years.

    My mom said that once, when asked where "Momma and Daddy were", she told grandma that they had died years ago. She said the look on her face was gut wrenching and that it was as though she had heard for the first time ever.

    Every time after that she just said that they would see her soon.

    She passed away in Oct. 2005. They are now together again.

  18. I am so sorry that your mom is going through this, and that you are, as well. My grandmother lived w. Alzheimer's for many years, and it was a rough time. But like you said, the things they do remember are often amazing, and truly heart-touching/breaking all at once. Much love to you and mom today.

  19. My MIL has Alzheimer's. I don't know how she would function if my FIL passes first. I can't imagine how difficult it is for both of you, but so sweet about Bug. That's just precious.

  20. I love this post, I laughed at almost everything. So sorry about your Mom, I can't imagine how hard that is for you.
    I came over from seeing your comments at Family of Shorts, I just love the name of your blog!