Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

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I'm not as tall as I thought I was. Several years ago I thought I was about 5'6". A friend burst out laughing when she saw that height listed on my driver's license. Apparently, that was funnier than the weight I had put down. Fine, so I'm not 5'6" like I thought hoped.

As we were approaching the Cessna for the photo op at the Air & Space Museum, the volunteer told Donnie to watch his head as he ducked to get under the wing. The volunteer looked at me and said, "you're probably fine--the wing is 5'3". I chuckled at his comment then found I could stand perfectly UNDER the wing. In fact, it was such a good fit that I could easily wear the wing as a fancy hat if I ever attend the Kentucky Derby.

Have I told you I volunteered for our adoption agency's benefit that's happening tonight? I wanted to get involved and then ended up being a co-chair. Yikes! In any event the cocktail party, silent auction, performance and reception is now just a few short hours away. It's been a mostly fun experience. The true highlight for me was meeting more adoptive parents. The event should be great...it's a one-woman performance. The author/actor is a woman who was adopted through our agency and I've heard she's a riot! Oh, and I have a really great pair of shoes to wear.

I found my missing black bra. It was in with the towels. Go figure.

Question for you...what's the going rate for babysitters where you live? Typical rate here ranges from $12 to $15/hour, which is why we stay home a lot. A far cry from the money I made a gazillion years ago. Biggest payday for me was to watch the little boy the neighbors called Dennis the Menace. I made $1.50/hour. The family I babysat for once...four kids under five and I made .25/hour.

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  1. I love the name of your blog! So cute! I made $2.00 a kid per hour - I had no idea the rates had gone up so much!! My babysitter is getting seriously underpaid! I only pay her about $6 and hour!! Glad you gound your bra!

  2. What?! 12 to 15, that's more than minimum wage, even in Oregon where the minimum wage is almost 9 bucks an hour!! Whoa, I think girls around here do it for a couple bucks an hour at most.
    So exciting for you to be doing the event! I think that's really cool...
    And don't feel bad about being 5'3"...I'm only 5'. : )

  3. Are you kidding me with those rates? That is absolutely outrageous. I made $1 an hour when I was young. I was paying $5 for my kids' babysitters.

    Love your fancy hat!

  4. WTF? Seriously? Can't be. I don't live in a big town, so there isn't really a supply of sitter's, but the one I did have for a short time was $3/hour. I'd be telling those sitters charging those prices that they need to go and see a shrink and to shrink their prices with a major steep decline while they are at it. Hope you enjoy the benefit!

  5. I couldnt pretend I was taller even if I wanted to. Those babysitting rates are ridiculous! When I worked full time our sitter was $3 an hour!!

  6. WOW! I think my highest rate every was $2 per kid per hour. Wow. Maybe I should just babysit, not even like nanny or daycare. Just be a random babysitter.
    Would it make you feel better if I told you I am only five feet tall.

  7. When I first went to my current doctor, the nurse taking all of my vitals invited me to step up to get my height measured. I told her "I am five feet tall; I have been five feet tall since I was 13 years old." (Note: I am now 46.) She cast an appraising gaze at me and said, "Oh, I think I can assure you that you're taller than that."

    I was...by a quarter of an inch. To think I missed out on that career in professional basketball for no reason.

    That's not a babysitting fee - that's extortion. Do they insist you address them as "Godfather" too?

    Jan from the Sushi Bar

  8. Oh I can so relate to enhancing your height and being light on reporting your weight. Think that something a lot of us gals have in common! So far, I haven't hired a babysitter for my 3 1/2 year old, for now I'd rather just leave her with her dad when I need to get away. When he and I have a place to go, I just get my mom to fill in, for FREE of course!

  9. My sister is 5'6" - I got stuck at 5'3-3/4"... :)

    Have fun at the event tonight!

    Those babysitting rates seem high...though the one time we got a babysitter for Princess Nagger we paid her $10/hour. And she didn't have to 'do' anything because Princess Nagger was already in bed! When I babysat I got paid $4/hour for 4 kids...and they were a handful! :)

    Happy RTT! :)

  10. I think maybe I could start babysitting again... I used to babysit full-time in the summer - 7-4/5 days a week - and I got $50 a week and was glad for it! (OMG I'm so old!!!!!)

    I thought I was 5'6", too. Then 5'5". Last I was measured I was 5'4". Now why can't my weight go down like that?

  11. 5'3 is very close to 5'6....that's like deducting about 50lbs on your drivers license. It's standard. Though one year I had the girl at the dmv ask me to verify my info, I said it was all the same, and she said to me, "even the weight?" and then I said, oh, I gained 15 lbs (meaning 35) - do I really need to change my license for 15 pounds? And she said, 15? hmm...yes, you should. (so then I was only 40 from reality. perfect).

    I used to babysit for $2/hour and that was a good rate for one child.

    15 years ago, I was paying $3.50-$5.00/hour for my sons babysitter.

    Is inflation really that high on babysitting fees???

  12. I know I'm five four, but I feel taller. I look at people taller than me and think we're the same height. They find this funny.

  13. GAH, I passed out at your babysitter prices. I will move and babysit for you for less than that. The most I've ever paid is $10 and that was an extreme case.

    I remember being paid $1 an hour and my mother making me go back to tell the parents it was too much. ha. The times they have a changed.

    Yay for the bra. It's always the towels.

  14. ps...congrats on the big night. Can't wait to hear about it. :)

  15. yup, sitters are $15 an hour here, too. Thank goodness the In Laws are free or we'd never see a weekend outing! I can't wait to hear about the event. Sounds fantastic!

  16. wow. i think $12-$15 is crazy. i would never leave the house.

    i would say between $5-$7 and hour. maybe a little more if the sitter is just awesome or you really trust/like them.

    i tell everyone that im 5'6. the last time my height was measured i was 5'5 1/2. i rounded up.