Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

As a child Snow White was my favorite story. I think the biggest hook was that she was a brunette and I globbed onto her. I've never been a big fan of apples and now I'm betting it has to do with her story. In any event I feel like I'm relating more to the dwarfs these days than Snow White:

Bashful: How I felt when I sent emails to the mayor and two council members about the road construction on our street and the lack of communication about the progress.

Doc: When I gave Bug Benadryl after mistakenly buying (and serving) him ice cream that had egg in it. Note to self: there are multiple kinds of vanilla ice cream in the store. Don't buy French vanilla.

Dopey: There are many things I could include for this one but we'll just stick with not noticing I put French vanilla ice cream rather than real vanilla ice cream in the shopping cart and call it a day.

Grumpy: Hi Ho, Hi Ho...work stuff. Not worth details. Also, that I couldn't get the Random Tuesday Thoughts picture to work but yet Snow White is here--ugh. I'm so not a computer gal.
Happy: Hanging out with Bruce last week (along with 20,000 others). Spending the weekend with Donnie and Bug. And...are you ready for this...having the road barriers removed from our street--it's now back to a two-way street AND we can park in front of our house. (Just a short 15 months after construction began.)

Sleepy: An almost every day occurrence. However, last night Bug slept ALL. NIGHT. LONG. so I slept well, too. (Maybe I should add that to Happy.)

Sneezy: My allergies kicked in when we went to a farm over the weekend. It was a great place...animals, hayrides, live music, a gazillion slides (one so big it required burlap for sitting) and pumpkin smashing.

I think there might be a couple of others to add as well:

Bloaty: Being a girl is fun.

Bitchy: Almost always present when Bloaty arrives.

Grateful: For many things.

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  1. Great post, I think I am mostly Cranky, Grumpy's long-lost twin.

  2. Snow White was my favorite too, and I also think it might have been the brunette part.

  3. Bloaty and Bitchy ROCK!
    I'm so glad you finally got the construction done with! Jerks. Took em forever! :)

  4. Hehehe. That is funny.
    I always felt very closely to Belle from Beauty and the Beast (even though I was in high school when it came out). Gotta love that brown hair! ;)

  5. Love that! And I can relate to the 7 Dwarfs, too...including the add-ons. ;)

    Happy RTT! :)

  6. OMG - how did you come up with this stuff. That's good!!! Love it a lot!

  7. I love the additional dwarfs you came up with! So clever, I can certainly relate to bitchy these days!

  8. I am so with ya on Sleepy!! My girls are finally both sleeping well again and I have had two nights in a row of deep uninterrupted sleep...it was bliss!

  9. I can so relate! lol Awesome blog :) I'm following you now too.

  10. Excellente!!! Not for the trials; for the presentation.

    My 18 year old daughter once had a strange connection to Snow White; she eventually outgrew it, but I never did understand it.

    bitchy and bloaty. Another good blog name.