Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ah, Halloween...

I remember as a kid thinking that night would never come so we could trick-or-treat.

I remember trick-or-treating and no one could see my costume because it was so cold we had to bundle up with parkas and mittens.

I remember one of my favorite Halloween costumes. I was a gypsy. Why a favorite? I wore a wig (in hindsight it was hideous but lovely at the time) and earrings. I felt so grownup.

I remember a neighbor telling me to come early because she only made so many popcorn balls.

I remember another neighbor giving me a candy bar each year before Halloween and telling me that they would be gone on Halloween night. (They were never gone...they just watched TV with the lights out.)

I remember meeting up with my brother to evaluate our loot and make trades.

I remember one year my mom was gone on Halloween. I went along with my brother's plan to make a trick-or-treater come into the living room for his candy so my brother could throw a sheet over the trick-or-treater from the second floor in an effort to be like a haunted house. It worked but the kid screamed and my dad heard him. My dad gave the trick-or-treater TWO full-size Hershey bars and then we got in trouble.

I remember years ago going to a bar for Halloween. I was dressed as a bee (think Killer Bees/John Belushi from Saturday Night Live) while another woman was dressed as a bee (think Playboy).

I remember two years ago taking Bug and his best buddy out for Halloween. Both about a year old in a stroller and both were monkeys. My friend gave them each a holiday stocking to hold because neither one of us thought about a container to hold candy.

I wonder what I'll remember about this year...other than Bug refers to Halloween as Happyween.


  1. What a nice stroll down memory lane remembering Halloween's past. BTW, if anyone did that cute trick with the sheet now, they would end up in jail. Sure miss the old days when we were allowed to have harmless fun!

  2. I would rather be a Killer Bee than a Playboy bee any old day. (BeeGirl would be cool, too)

    We had wonderful costumes we had to cover with winter coats, too. Bummer!


  3. You'll have to tell us tomorrow what it is you think you'll remember.

    That sheet trick rocked and was probably worth the trouble, now that you look back it.

  4. Oh fun! I just love Halloween. Absolutely one of my fav holidays. :)
    I went as a bee (as in Belushi too) one year because I went to the store too late for my costume and they were out of everything else. To make it worse it was a kids' bee costume so it only came down to my waist! HA!

  5. What great memories!!!
    Happyween, that is so sweet.

  6. Great memories. Halloween is one of those indelible memories I try to make really good for the kids.

    Happyween and what was Bug dressed as?

  7. Hi, when you get a minute, swing by my place, I have some awards for you! Congratulations!

  8. Happyween...perfect little Bug.

    It sounds like you were a favorite of some neighbors; candy bars and popcorn balls. And I remember my siblings and I dumpling out our candy and comparing. HA. We went to the same houses. I don't know what there was to compare.