Friday, October 2, 2009

Ah Friday

The morning was filled with errands. It was a special treat because I did them solo. No little boy in my cart shouting "I want to see everything" at Target. I went to the Target in the mall so I could swing by Macy's and was thrilled to find a pair of jeans that fit...even happier to find out they were on sale plus an extra discount. I didn't ask questions I just paid $30 for $70 jeans.

I stopped at DSW and tried on shoes that made me feel like I should be on a red carpet somewhere and heels so high that I could probably dunk a basketball. I made a stop at the grocery store and then sauntered over the library to pick up the book that I had on hold except I didn't specify which library so my book is somewhere else in the city. Sigh...

I'm home now--and found my house without getting lost--thankyouverymuch. Bug is napping. I just finished my Doritos lunch and think I'll do some laundry (or not) and read a non-library book before Bug and I go out to play. I'm definitely in favor of Fridays.

In other news, Donnie's having dinner with a women he dated a bit in college. They haven't seen each other since junior year...a number of years ago. She's married with three kids. She googled him a couple of years ago and now we exchange holiday cards.

So, Donnie's in Chicago and they're getting together. I asked him what he's wearing--he jokingly told me his favorite sweater from college--and I reminded him that he better look good because I don't want her thinking he fell apart after college.


  1. TGIF!! I am so glad it's friday!
    I'm having more garlic bread for lunch. Sick, huh?
    Anyway, I don't know what to think about the dinner with the Ex...good or bad? Yikes. Good thing my husband doesn't really have any exes...I wouldn't be as cool as you about it. I'd tell him to dress really gross and stink. That's how immature I am. : )

  2. is it weird having the hubs go out to dinner with an ex like that? jay has a few exes he talks to but he mostly dislikes them so i hardly think of it.

  3. You are way too nice about the whole ex thing! I know we are supposed to trust our hubs but heck no!!

  4. PICTURES OF SHOES. That is required, don't you know? I love that you sauntered to the library. That's the only way to go; even if it's the wrong one. (can there be a wrong library?)

    Anywho. Whoa. You are way calm about that dinner...

  5. I also had a decidedly civilized day, on Thursday. Andy Googles has his exes. Funny how he only shows me the ones who have really let themselves go.

  6. The shopping at Macy's and the jeans comment is what struck me most - lucky girl you! I'm always on a quest for well-fitting jeans, and the nearest Macy's is a 40 minute drive. I never get there :(

  7. You scored on those jeans! And I LOVE going to DSW and trying on all kinds of shoes. Most of them I'd never buy, but it's so much fun to try them on.