Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sad but true

I got lost on my way home from work tonight. There, I said it. This lovely park is what did it to me.Traffic was great and I was moving along with a slightly earlier-than-usual anticipated arrival time, which meant I could actually run to the bathroom before picking up Bug next door. Then IT happened. I made my turn to go through Rock Creek Park and a police car had blocked the road I always take. ACK...I'm a one-road kinda gal.

Okay, so I take the only other option available...another road in Rock Creek Park that I've sometimes been curious about...but never curious enough to see where it goes. Rock Creek Park is beautiful AND HUGE with limited stop lights and few places to turn around. I drove...and drove...and drove. The scenery is gorgeous so it's not a bad drive just an unfamiliar one. Once I thought I might know where I was but I was wrong. I'm still not sure where I ended up but it wasn't recognizable AT ALL. And why couldn't there have been a street sign? When I drove out of the park, I could have been in London for all I knew. Really, I wouldn't have been surprised to see people driving on the left side of the road and yelling obscenities at me with lovely British accents for being in the right lane.

Nothing gave me that "this is your neighborhood" feeling and where did that overpass come from? Had I had more time (that bathroom stop at home was no longer an option), I might have gone exploring but I wanted to see things I recognized and not just Bug, my house and pup...landmarks and such or even a street name...and I didn't want to pay our sitter overtime.

I made a couple of turns to avoid going anywhere near the mysterious overpass and saw a sign directing me to a street I knew and I was home in less than five minutes but it's certainly an odd feeling to know I was close to my house but feeling a million miles away. I swear this is what I was trying to navigate: (Oh, you've been to Rock Creek Park and know that's not the case? Fine. Still, it's what it felt like.)

I think this weekend I'll take the drive again and figure out where I ended up. This incident reminds me of the time I got locked in my apartment and had to climb out the window to go to work...but that's a story for another time.


  1. Oh my gosh, if try to find it again you probably won't be able to! I'm glad you found your way out of Oz, though! : )
    I've never been there, but I know you are TOTALLY telling the truth and that it really was a maze like that! : )

  2. I still can't quite figure out how you got lost but the location is GORGEOUS. Not a bad place to be lost next time you aren't dying to go to the bathroom :)

  3. I hate that feeling! Glad you escaped!

  4. Very odd indeed. How long have you lived there?

  5. OH gosh, I have a fear of mazes. I should google that for the scientific name.. OH yeah, this is about you. That must have been perfectly awful to be lost in that maze. Thank goodness you made it out alive. You might have been in London...hahahaa

    It is a lovely maze though.

    ps I know that is not the real maze. just in case you are wondering.

  6. Pretty place to get lost in. Just trying to imagine how you got locked in your apartment...hmm.

  7. Hey - you aren't far from me! Relatively speaking. I love the bridge in the first picture. Sorry you got lost - time for a gps? (or an iphone!)

  8. Totally can see this happen. I just turned off at my area and that was that. I was always amazed when you took it LONGER and into twisty weird places that I never could figure out. So NO wierdness! I always wanted to explore more too: "I wonder where that goes" knowing it would be an excellent shortcut some day... Now you know.
    It is a maze. xx

  9. It's scary too. Didn't your tummy feel kinda weird since you didn't have your bearings?