Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Someone

Dear Self,

It almost happened--the intention was true. The clothes were laid out, the sneakers were ready and the iPod was charged but somehow you forgot to set the alarm for 5:30 to get on the treadmill. There's always tomorrow but today I enjoyed sleeping until 6:35 when the other alarm--the one with two legs, blondish hair and cries Mommy--woke me.

One who's not giving up (yet...)

Dear Donnie,

I'm looking forward to our date tomorrow night!


Dear Trick-or-Treaters,

I can't wait to see you on Saturday night. As for the teenagers who are trying to score free candy, can you at least do something to make it look like you're wearing a costume?

One of many with candy

Dear Bug,

I've been a Bruce fan longer than you. I appreciate that you've jumped on the E Street Band(wagon) and love it that you want to know if Bruce sings at church, that you want to play Bruce when company comes over and that you always ask to hear him the minute you get in your car seat BUT stop telling me not to sing. To paraphrase lyrics before both of our times, It's my car and I'll sing if I want to...yes, sometimes loud and off-key but I'll do it.

When you sing along to "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" I don't correct you on the words, I simply take it all in. There's a lesson in all of this, little man, and if I weren't tired I'd come up with a great line from a Springsteen song to sum it up.


Dear Bruce,

I've got my Bruce boots ready for our date Monday night. When the lights go up, look to your left and down about halfway in the arena. I'll be the one dancing!

You know who


  1. I can't get my butt out of bed before 6:30 or so either...
    A concert sounds like fun!

  2. haha. Even if I am dressed and ready to go, if my Ipod is not charged, change of plans!

    I buy dum dum suckers for the dum dum teenagers. The rest of the legit trick or treaters get the chocolate. Me get chocolate too.

    Bruce better watch out for you!! :)

  3. You should get some video of Bug rockin out in the car to Bruce!

  4. Singing off key and iritating our children is one of the few ways we level the irritation field.

  5. Are you going to see Bruce Monday night in DC? How funny- I'm lobbying my friends to see who wants to go. I want to go!

    don't worry about the run. Tomorrow is another day.

  6. My kids shut me up when I sing, too. And after I turn them on to such great music...

    My girls (13 and 11) are going trick or treating. But for them it's all about the costumes and the seeing and being seen. I swear they're not doing it to score free candy...

    Enjoy Bruce! (like I had to tell you that...)

  7. My son is always telling me not to sing too! What is that about?

  8. Nothin' better than going to a great concert...have a wonderful time!

  9. Ah - the treadmill will still be there tomorrow. Don't be so hard on yourself :) Have a blast with Bruce!!!

  10. Bruce, in concert! Lucky! Have fun!
    Good luck with the trick-or-treaters...especially the older ones. Too bad you can't gush over their costumes! Maybe that's why they just put on a coat and a ball cap and try to look tough.
    Love your letters!

  11. The greatness of Bug telling you to stop singing is just too much!

    I can't wait for the trick or treaters either. Such a fun time of year.

  12. You're going to have so much fun at the concert!

    I'm with you on the trick or treaters. Must have costumes!