Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pray with me

Now I lay Bug down to sleep
I pray through the night I don't hear a peep

When Bug wakes before morning light
I pray it doesn't repeat tonight.

Can I get an amen?

I'm really tired (sooo tired) of getting up and convincing Bug that his bed is cozy and that he doesn't need to sleep in Mommy & Daddy's room. Or explaining that his friends are NOT eating dinner at 2am, or that it's not time for breakfast or even chocolate milk, or that he doesn't need TEN blankets on his bed and even Curious George is sleeping. I'm just plain tired.

PLEASE tell me this is a phase. It doesn't matter if it's true...I just need to hear it. Poor Donnie, when he goes in to Bug's room he's greeted with a monster-like "go away, I want Mommy." So lately every night I do the zombie walk through the hall to Bug's room and take on the role of chief negotiator.

The score since my return: Mommy 3, Bug 0. I already warned Donnie that I'm not up for another round tonight and possibly, VERY possibly, at Bug's first request to sleep in our bed, I'm likely to cave. I never expected to go undefeated.


  1. Oh man. I totally feel you and I don't have a small child anymore. I have a kitten who thinks 3am is perfect time to play. She bites my eyebrows and sucks on them at 3am like clockwork. then she pounces all over me till I wake up and feed her. I'm so tired too.

  2. Its just a phase.

    There, feel better? I hope you get some rest soon!!

  3. Its just a phase (she says through gritted teeth)

  4. Here's a thought...
    Let him sleep in your bed one night a week, If he's a good boy.
    Our son slept with us for a while, when I started noticing hm getting into our bed I'd send him back to his room, but then I'd wake up in the morning to find him sleeping on a little pallet of blankies on the floor beside our bed.
    Don't worry so much. It wont last forever! Our son is now 41 and hardly ever wants to sleep with his mommy and daddy!

  5. Oh I feel ya, my girls went through it. I believe its a faze try to stay strong. I will pray for some sleep and relief for you.


  6. Oh no, if you cave you will be doing this again! The sooner you can get it to quit (hopefully) the more likely you WON'T be doing it again.

  7. Don't cave! It'll make it worse!

  8. Hang in there...just keep being consistent and put him back in his bed. I hope your lovin your goodies still.....have a good week. You KNOW I will pray for you!

  9. Maybe it was brought on by your trip? We're in a hotel right now and have both of the girls in bed with us. Sigh. It's almost bedtime.

  10. It is a me. But I know it seems like it will go on forever right now. I'm not sure if Bug is old enough yet for this hint; but we made it a rule that if one of the kids felt they had to come in our room in the middle of the night, they had bring their pillow and blanket and sleep on the floor. NOT in our bed. Otherwise, I advise letting him cry. He will be fine. Whatever you do; stick with it.

    Advice from someone probably old enough to be your mother. :)

  11. It's a phase. I mean it. It sucks now, it will suck for a little while and then it will disappear. I promise. Remember how lucky you are that he's healthy and can walk down the hall. I mean that. It saved my children many nights :)

  12. Hubby and I do not care who is in our bed--we just want to sleep. If Charlie gets up too early we just put him in our bed and prentend to be sleeping until he gets the picture.

    And Mrs. Montoya up there is a wise woman--my little one can't walk down the hall, which makes the whining levels downright incredible.

  13. Amen, indeed!

    My little guy "peeps" through the night. And although he doesn't wake and get out of bed, I still hear him and have such a hard time getting back to sleep. I'm running close to empty this week. Glad Bug is already doing better.